Moderne Cabinet - Custom Architectural Millwork 

Faithful to the history upon which our reputation has been built, Moderne Cabinet maintains excellence and confidence in our product.  Founded in 1947 we continue to provide premium quality cabinets, countertops and architectural millwork.  The utilization of technologically advanced equipment and processes enable us to produce quality sustainable projects with greater efficiency.  These capabilities allow for a great deal of flexibility and design options.  We encourage challenging design issues and will create functional solutions.  We demonstrate a high level of competency when working with architectural specifications.

Our products include custom cabinets, countertops, solid surface fabrication, and architectural millwork.  We provide state of the art finishing and timely installation for our residential and commercial projects.  Moderne Cabinet uses a variety of materials such as laminates, numerous species of wood, solid surface products and metals.

As an AWI member we follow strict quality standards and are dedicated to the performance of budget and time.  Our craftsmanship and experience ensures a successful completion of your projects through cooperation, coordination, and teamwork.